SprutCAM Perpetual License for Single Machine

R49,000.00 excl VAT

High-end CAM software for programming CNC machines and industrial robots

SprutCAM X, the flagship product, is one of leading CAD/CAM systems for programming both CNC machines and industrial robots across various industries and countries. The superb CAM software can be integrated into your CAD environments such as Solidworks, IronCAD, Autodesk Inventor and Solid Edge.

SprutCAM programming software for CNC machines and industrial robots is easy to learn and use. The SprutCAM team has been developing CAM software since 1987 and today is the most powerful software for programming CNC machines and industrial robots in the field of computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM).

SprutCAM X Machine-Aware technology reduces programming time by 50% compared to a traditional workflow

CAD/CAM environment for robot engineers and CNC programmers

SprutCAM has easy to navigate menu’s and simple, user-friendly interface so you will be cutting parts on your CNC machines or robots, from the very first day. We’re providing a full product assistance is provided, even during your trial period. SprutCAM enables clients to seamlessly transition from CAD to finished parts with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

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SprutCAM Perpetual License Pricing

SprutCAM price differs a lot with wide range of applications and machining strategies from 2D to 5D:

  • 2.5x and 3x mill
    Production of molds & dies and other parts on a 3-axis milling machine
  • Rotary
    Production of screws, blades, gear wheels, balusters
  • Lathe
    Turning and boring, threading, trimming, drilling, reaming
  • Mill-turn
    Turning and milling in one setup
  • Multiaxis
    Index (3+2) and simultaneous 5 axis milling. For turbine wheels, blades, ports
  • HSM and adaptive
    High speed and adaptive toolpaths for quick material removal with extended tool life
  • Swiss and MTM
    Swiss-type machines and MTM (multitasking machining) with synchronization
  • 5-6D cutting
    CNC programming of cutting, trimming, 6D knife cutting. Mill, laser, water, plasma, knife
  • Additive and hybrid
    Cladding, hybrid technology on 5-axis, mill-turn machines and robots
  • EDM
    2 – 4 axis strategies for Wire EDM machining
  • 2D cutting
    Programming of laser, waterjet, plasma, oxy-fuel cutting and knife cutting
  • G-code based simulation
    G-code verification in SprutCAM
  • Probing cycles for Milling and Lathe Machines


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