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What’s new in progeCAD 2025? The best AutoCAD alternative!

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So how much can you save with progeCAD 2025 Professional Perpetual Licenses?

Let’s check our AutoCAD savings calculator. If you need 5 licenses and you use it for 5 years you’ll pay R 44.500 for progeCAD compared to R 665.500 for AutoCAD 3D 2025. That’s whopping 93% discount…


Number of years


Number of licenses

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progeCAD 2D/3D Professional Perpetual License

R 8,900.00
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AutoCAD LT 2D Subscription

R 6,875.00
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AutoCAD 3D Subscription

R 26,620.00

progeCAD 2025 news - What's new in version 2025?

Advanced Blocks: Enhanced block functionality for more efficient drawing.
New 3D AEC Architectural Module: Enables easier and more precise 3D modeling of architectural elements.
Rubber Sheeting: New tool for transforming and adjusting drawings.
Generative AI Drawing Translator: Automatically translates drawings using advanced artificial intelligence.
BIM Importer for Autodesk Revit: Facilitates easy import of BIM data from Revit.
Command Preview: Review command results before final application.
And much more…

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progeCAD 2D/3D Professional is so much more than an alternative to AutoCAD ®! It offers more CAD functions than AutoCAD LT ®, AutoCAD or any similar CAD software. progeCAD has record high compatibility with other CAD formats, and it opens BIM (IFC and Revit). 

If you have any questions about perpetual CAD licenses, contact us at With progeCAD 2025, not only will you save significantly, but you will also receive advanced tools that will streamline your daily work and increase your productivity.