progeCAD 2024 2D/3D Professional NLM – Network license

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Perpetual (once-off) CAD network license. Unlimited number of installations.

Perpetual license – progeCAD NLM can be installed by unlimited number of progeCAD users in a local network (any local network, even VPN). It works as a floating network license. When user launches progeCAD, license is automatically assigned to that computer. Number of registered NLM licenses = Number of concurrent users. Free trial period includes fully functional software and 30-day iCARE Premium Support.

NLM consists of progeCAD software that is installed locally on the computer and NLM server. NLM server is small software which doesn’t impact on computer or network performance and it can be installed on any computer in local network, regardless if progeCAD is installed or not at that computer (most often at System Administrator’s computer). NLM Server controls usage of network licenses and enables license administration.

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Download progeCAD 2024 now and join more than 200.000 users globally in CAD revolution. Free trial period includes fully functional software and iCARE Premium Support for 30 days.

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License Take-Away – You need to go on field work in farthest hill on the Earth and there is no internet? Not a problem at all, NLM licenses can be exported with USB memory stick. This way, you can carry license with you and offline work is not an issue. Max flexibility!

Head advantage of network licenses is the cost-efficiency. Simplest way to choose either you need Single License or Network License is to ask yourself a question: “Do I need CAD at disposal all the time, or do I need CAD from time to time, occasionally”? For users who need CAD all the time, Single License is the tool for the job. In other hand if you have multiple CAD users but they need to use CAD just a couple of hours per day, or occasionally depending on projects… Then you can cover many of them with one or a couple (for simultaneous work) of NLM licenses. Single Licenses and Network Licenses can be combined.

progeCAD 2024 2D/3D Professional is so much more than an alternative to AutoCAD ®! It offers more CAD functions than AutoCAD LT ®, AutoCAD or any similar CAD software. progeCAD has record high compatibility with other CAD formats. and it even opens BIM (IFC and Revit).

progeCAD 2024 Professional is software for general usage in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Surveying as well as for Design of all kind of 2D and 3D work. Powerful, stable, very capable and easy-to-use DWG CAD at a fair price. It ensures a complete compatibility with AutoCAD® or AutoCAD LT® WITHOUT ANY FILE CONVERSION and without losing any details or critical data.

progeCAD NLM works similar as AutoCAD Multi-User

Network licensing is not problem for the network, because progeCAD runs on every computer individually. Use of licenses is controlled by small NLM program. NLM server is a program that can be installed on any computer on the network, regardless of whether it is on progeCAD installed. The program takes up about 35 MB of disk space and does not have any special system requirements and it is not necessary to have a network server.

CAD Network licenses – Multi-user access

For more details about progeCAD features see here.

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