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CAD4Africa launches Nigeria and Kenya eCommerce sites

CAD4Africa is South Africa’s largest CAD (Computer Aided Design) software eCommerce site and a leading provider of design technology and CAD solutions to engineering and architecture professionals. We are disrupting traditonal reseller model in CAD industry. Some of biggest global CAD players are discontinuing their perpetual licensing models and selling directly to customers by offering subscription. The result is that the reseller’s market share and profit margin are much smaller. Value Added Resellers (VAR) have been the frontline of CAD sales for the last few decades. This major shift is threatening their viability and majority will cease to exist in the next five years. The only way to remain competitive is to become efficient at volume sales and have a highly automated system.

Customers in Africa still prefer perpetual CAD licenses

In Africa most of the customers still prefer to own the software perpetually and now is the right time to launch two new eCommerce sites:  CAD4Africa Nigeria and CAD4Africa Kenya.

With the rise of global B2B eCommerce industry opportunities to disrupt traditional reseller CAD industry have never been better and at CAD4Africa we embrace changes to our advantage. We operate in a specific niche market that we are experts in.  After our success in South Africa, we are excited to launch eCommerce sites in Nigeria and Kenya, and we look forward to bringing newest CAD solutions at best prices in the rest of Africa.

Accelerafrica is our partner in Nigeria and Kenya

Accelerafrica will help us to enter and grow our business in Nigeria and Kenya. At CAD4Africa we are aware that customers in Nigeria and Kenya might have different requirements than our customers in South Africa. We needed a partner that can help us with business development activities and how to navigate new markets. Needless to say, our mission stays the same – to empower architects, engineers and designers with a choice of different CAD solutions at the lowest prices in Africa.

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